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As a sponsor for this event, your organization will be recognized as a positive force for change in this province and beyond.
We welcome organizations with a vested interest in supporting sustainable local food systems to sponsor our conference to help us gather a diverse group of food champions who strive to bring more healthy, local, and sustainable foods to the minds and plates of all students.
Your dollars will help fund operational costs, including:
First Nations welcoming honorarium 

Featured speakers' honorariums
Thank-you cards and gifts
Field trips (bus rentals, location fees)
Venue rental
AV rental
Administration and communications
By sponsoring the Farm to School BC 2023 conference, you’re helping promote healthy, local, and sustainable food; foster deeply-rooted school and community connectedness; and develop student food literacy. Your organization will be recognized as a force for public good!
Sponsorship Package
Download the Sponsorship Package PDF to receive the following information:
 • Letter from the Executive Director
 • About the Conference​​​​​​​ and F2SBC
 • Why your Sponsorship Counts
 • Sponsorship Tiers
 • Sponsorship Recognition
 • Conference Attendees