Vision, Goals and Values

Our Vision
To foster and harvest an active and connected community of school food champions to grow skills, advocate for food literacy and nourish the plates and minds of all BC students.
Our Goals
Celebrate the impact
of established and budding school food initiatives. Commemorate the impact of F2SBC programming and the accomplishments of other food literacy advocates in BC. 
Empower and equip educators
with the confidence and skills to provide healthy, local and sustainable food to the plates and minds of all BC students. 
Gather, elevate and listen 
to the diverse perspectives and varying experiences of the school food community, including Indigenous leaders, educators, youth, chefs and farmers.
Build a strong action-oriented network 
to progress food literacy in curriculum, policy needs, and school food education support systems.
Our Values
Celebrate the growth, innovation and transformation of F2S programs in the face of challenges. 
Despite ongoing challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that there was considerable growth in school food initiatives, school gardens and passionate educators, and an evolution of Farm to School BC programs. 
Promote Healthy, Local, and Sustainable Food.
Engage with local farmers, food producers, chefs, and school food enthusiasts. Embrace the different ways people interact and bond over food. Acknowledge the role food plays in supporting our physical, social, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Cultivate professional development through hands-on engagement. 
Encourage active participation in storytelling, knowledge translation, roundtable discussions, and local field trips. 
Foster deeply-rooted school and community connectedness. 
Provide a valuable platform for educators, students, chefs, policymakers, Indigenous leaders, farmers, food system allies and school food advocates to continue networking and sharing post-conference.
Build school food capacity, frameworks and foundations. 
Develop systems that boost food literacy, school gardens and other school food initiatives.

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